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Welcome to Clubvet Animal Hospital

We strive to implement the highest quality of veterinary services using the latest technology and techniques.

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Clubvet Animal Hospital Welcomes You

We are here to help with all your pet's needs!

Clubvet Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility dedicated to your pet’s health. We offer preventive care, general surgery, dental care, diagnostic imaging, on-site lab testing, microchip identification and medicinal allocations.

Our team strives to promote the well-being of all animals. Apart from our commitment to the unique needs of each patient, we aim to use the latest advances in veterinary medicine and continually improve our standards of care. We are dedicated to using our skills, knowledge and compassion to serve you and your pet every day.

Our Services

Clubvet Veterinary Hospital: We have been providing a continual service to your pets since 2004. Within CENİN VETERİNER HİZMETLERİ VE GIDA LTD ŞTİ we have always used state-of-the-art technology, trained physicians and technicians, and will continue to be there for our pets, in the good and bad times. You can be sure that we will keep your little ones away from stress with our high positive energy within a dynamic and fun working environment while applying the best quality diagnosis and treatment.


Complete blood count (Hemogram), Urinalysis, Rabies titration test, Skin scraping, Stool examination and tests, Pathological tests, Fungus test, Allergy tests, Hormone tests, Specific disease tests, Canine Distemper, Feline Distemper, FIP, FIV, FELV, HW

Preventive Medicine

Veterinary consultancy service regarding Vaccination Program Follow-up, Anti-Parasite Application Follow-up, Proper Nutrition, Proper Care and Cleaning, Protection from Bacterial, Viral and Parasitic Diseases and any questions you may need assistance with.


All kinds of surgical operations are performed with a closed circuit anesthesia device in our fully equipped operating room, sterilized by UV rays. During the operation, your pet’s pulse and respiration are continually checked by bedside monitors. By enforcing this method, operations pass with safety, more comfortably.

Internal medicine

In our hospital, the most detailed evaluations are made with devices such as hemograms, biochemistry, x-ray, CR, ultrasound, EKG, which are specially produced for veterinary hospitals to be used in diagnosis, and for the most appropriate treatment method to be determined. In the treatment process, home medicincal treatment is applied based on the type of disease, and the inpatients we house are kept under close observation.

Digital X-Ray

In addition to being able to get the best quality images in various sizes that we require, we also obtain measurements specific to specific diseases with this system. This is thanks to our digital x-ray machines.
For the convenience of our patients, the images are archived on our private server and the results delivered to patients via CD or e-mail.

Intensive Care

In our hospital, patients are transported to intensive care units to control their general condition and normalize their body temperature. In this way, both the body temperatures of our patients are kept under control and the required oxygen amount is adjusted in a balanced way, thus providing a significant support for our patients to regain their health in the most optimal time possible.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In our clinic, all pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy processes of our lovely new mothers are closely mointored Additionally, cesarean delivery can be performed in our hospital.

Vaccine Administration

The best quality vaccines taken from licensed distributors are applied to our pets, with the most ideal vaccination program without breaking the cold chain. In order to prevent any disruption in the vaccination program, reminders are sent to you for your pets that are due for vaccination.

Pediatrics (Baby Care)

In our clinic, our 0-12 month old pet friends are fed and cared for, and a nutrition program is created during this period. At the same time, vaccination and general health checks are carried out and vaccination programs are created.


Early diagnosis saves lives. If diagnosed early, disease treatment methods will be determined and applied post-haste. In this way, preventive measures are taken before the disease progresses. The ClubVet family works together to ensure the necessary diagnosis in our hospital and to determine the treatment program to be followed as early on as possible.

Pet Grooming

Leave your pets’ bathing, shaving and nail cutting to our staff, who expertly do their job in a hygienic environment, giving you peace of mind. You can make an appointment by calling us or via our appointment booking page for our pet hairdresser service, which we provide 6 days a week.

Pet Hotel

When you have to stay away from your pawed friends, you need to look for a reliable pet hotel that pays attention to hygiene. We try to minimize the stress of being away from home for our guests in specialized pet shelters, which are designed entirely for the comfort and regular care of our cats and dogs.
If you need more information about our pet surgery services, please contact us. We can perform many different surgeries not listed here, so if you’re not sure if we can help your pet, contact us! For emergencies, call (541) 313-5445. We offer 24-hour uninterrupted veterinary services.

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