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The Effect of Ozone Therapy on Cats and Dogs

Ozone therapy has become a frequently used treatment method in humans as well as animals. It can be used in the direct treatment to many diseases or as a supportive treatment during the healing process. After ozone enters the body, it passes into the plasma and causes functional changes by targeting tissues such as erythrocytes, leukocytes, endothelium, bone marrow. These changes are functional changes such as increasing oxygen transport, strengthening the immune system, releasing growth factors, stem cell and erythrocyte formation, increasing antioxidant enzymes.

It is a colorless gas with molecules consisting of 3 oxygen atoms and is located in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Ozone, whose raw material is oxygen, is the only gas that cannot be stored for an extended period of time.

Effects of Ozone Gas
  • It increases the formation of white blood cells and improves their functions.
  • It is the strongest natural and non-waste disinfectant.
  • It strengthens the immune system and increases resistance against infections.
  • It inhibits the proliferation and spread of rapidly growing cancer cells.
  • It increases the oxygenation of the organs by increasing the ability of the blood to release oxygen to the tissues.
  • It shows pain relief by releasing natural painkillers into the metabolism.

Applications of Ozone
  • Major Method: With this most commonly used method, 50-200 ml of blood is taken, mixed with ozone, and given back to the person after it is mixed with ozone.
  • Minor Method; 2-5 cc of blood taken from the person is mixed with a determined dose of ozone and injected into the muscle.
  • Subcutaneous; The determined dose and volume of ozone gas is injected under the skin with a fine-tipped needle.
  • Delivery of Ozone Gas to Body Cavities; Ozone is given via rectal, vaginal or ear canal spraying.
  • Injection of Ozone Gas into the Joint; It is the injection of a certain dose of ozone gas into the joint with an appropriate needle in joint disorders.
  • Ozone application in or around a mass or lesion.

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Situations We Use Ozone Therapy Most Often
  • As an adjunct to the treatment of canine bloody diarrhea ( parvoviral enteritis )
  • By applying it into the joint in many joint problems such as hip dysplasias, arthritis
  • In advanced inoperable tumors
  • In chronic ear infections
  • Urinary tract problems, genital infections, prostate diseases
  • In kidney failures
  • In eye diseases
  • distemper of cats
  • Feline corona virus (Fip Disease)
  • All types of wound treatments
  • Tissue production in large open wound treatments

Veterinary Physician Muhammet Guney