Persian Cat

Also known as Persian cat. Persian cat is medium cat size. It has heavy bones and excellent proportion between regions. This cat should express a completely soft roundness with its round head, large, round expressive eyes and express alot of emotion through their face.

The meat of the cat should be firm, not fat. He should have a balanced physique and temperament, look healthy and strong. Their muscles should be tight and well developed. The tail is short but proportional to the body and should not be dragged behind while walking. In the rear view, the legs should be straight. The chest is equally voluminous and deep towards the shoulders. The feet are short-toed, rounded and rather large in appearance. Finger tassels are a sought-after feature in long hairs.

The fur of the Persian cat must be lively. The drooping hairs should be dense and separate from the body. Long hair can be seen all over the body, including the shoulders. Hair density should increase especially between the front legs under the chin. It should form a flamboyant mane around the neck. Its fur should be flawless, neatly combed, and never complex, stained, and never knotted. After all, fur is the breed’s most important distinguishing feature.

What is the Persian Cat Character?

Persians are quiet, soft and cute by nature. They are playful when they are kittens , but this decreases as they get older. However, when encouraged to play with a toy that grabs his attention, that player can take on a kitten mood. While they are not the kind of cat to jump on the kitchen table, the Persian is just as curious and caring as its other shorthaired brethren. Although slightly less active than some other breeds, they can be very fast when sufficiently motivated. For example, they can be very quick when they realize that you are getting ready to go to the vet.

Persian cats never miss a photo opportunity and they often pose for the camera. They don’t like to chat. They usually use those big, round, sad eyes when communicating with their owners. The quiet and agreeable Persian is not a lap-loving cat, but it will happily stay there when you pick it up. Don’t expect to find your cat competing with you for space under the covers, although they do say there are exceptions.

Although the Persian cat is often viewed as an ornamental, many breeders and cat owners believe that certain personal characteristics are related to color and pattern. For example, Persians with red fur or those with red fur are said to be more lively and faster than black Persians.