kitten playing with cats ears

How to Raise a Kitten?

If you have a kitten and love your little friend, never panic or worry as kittens are eager to learn and fairly easy to train. All you have to do is be a little patient. You can start teaching them right away.

While dogs tend to live in packs, cats prefer to live alone and are self-sufficient. The first lesson all pets will learn is their name. It is also essential to teach the kitten by repeating its name frequently. That is, the kitten must learn its own name and respond when you call them.

It is very important that your kitten comes to you when you call out to them. When he/she comes to you, you should reward them by loving and stroking him. You can even give them a reward that she/she likes, or might like. Never call them by name to scold. In you do this, anything you want to teach, your kitten will resist, and won’t want to learn. Cats are just as sensitive to scoldings as dogs. If you need to scold, say the word “NO” softly while looking at his face and spray his face with water, very lightly.

Your kitten will learn everything over time.

Starting from the first day he comes to your house, he will try to visit and learn all over the house, and meanwhile, the kitten will want to explore to feed their limitless curiosity.

All cats are very fond of scratching, jumping and climbing. Therefore, inflate balloons and set up barriers where you do not want him to enter or wander. When he claws where he wants to go, the balloons burst and you can catch him. At that moment, say “NO” and spray their face with water, again, very lightly. It will never harm them. However, this physical behavior makes the kitten respect you.

Also, don’t expect your cat to learn to potty training quickly, remember, they are just babies. Like all babies, they can’t hold their pee unless their urination-holding muscles are developed. You will just have to wait and help develop this with training and great patience. It should not be forgotten that training a cat requires some dedication, a lot of patience.

kitten sitting on the bed