The process of neutering the cat is an important decision that constantly puzzles people’s minds and consciences. You become so attached to your lovely friend that it becomes a part of you, your baby. You may be thinking, how can I make this sterilization process comfortable for him, when you do not feel comfortable yourself. But do not forget that this decision, which seems to disturb you, is for his happiness and health. Cats can reach heat very early. They can have a kitten at 6 months old, they can give 3 kittens a year. Also, you know a cat that comes into heat can be very unhappy. They murmur loudly all day, have nightmares at night and become aggressive, constantly wanting to go out. There are drastic changes in their behavior. Now you have started to seriously consider the neutering process.

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Why should you neuter your pet? Here are 7 reasons for you.

1. Healthier, longer life for your pet

Sterilization significantly reduces the chances of developing breast cancer and uterine diseases. For 90% of female cats and 50% of dogs, these diseases are fatal. A male cat with testicular cancer also has a very high risk of death. Considering all this, sterilization is the best prevention method.

2. The neutered female cat will never reach heat again.

The cycles may differ, of course, when the breeding season comes, your cat will reach heat 4-5 days a week for 3 weeks. Their endless murmuring will make both him and you restless.

3. Your male dogs will not run away from home.

A male will do anything to find a good friend. He can dig under fences, even design an elevation for himself to escape. After escaping, it is not clear whether he gets injured in traffic or whether other males will attack. But now he has taken all the risks himself.

4. Neutered pet will have better behavior.

All the attention of neutered cats and dogs is now with their owners. In addition, cats and dogs that have not been neutered can terrorize the house by leaving their smelly urine all over the house.

5. Sterilization operation does not cause weight gain

There is no reason for your pet to gain weight after controlled eating and exercise.

6. Useful for your wallet.

The price of neutering your cat or dog is not much when you consider the maintenance costs of the puppies / kittens she has in the future.

7. Neutered animals are more adaptable to social life.

Stray animals are really one of the biggest problems of social life. They can act brutally, causing car accidents and scaring children. Through sterilization operations, we show an important social sensitivity by reducing the number of weak stray animals on the street.

Is Neutering Animals Ethical?

As everyone’s living conditions and bond with their pet are different, the answer to this question varies for everyone. You may think that I have no right to take away my cat’s desire to reproduce, then you will see that your cat is unhappy, you are unhappy, they have kittens, it is difficult to care for them, maybe you can’t find anyone to give them to care for. Think about why you would want him to suffer for the rest of his life. If you think that an animal you plan to keep at home is like a pup, remember that neutering will make it more resistant to many cancer diseases, opening the door to a healthy, happy and longer life. In addition, in order not to disturb the natural balance in terms of the continuity of each cat and dog species, the sterilization of stray animals should be done under state control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait for my cat to go through her first heat phase before neutering?

It is a myth that cats need to reach heat or have a kitten before neutering. Although such a procedure has no health benefits; The medical application of the operation performed before the first heat is easier. Therefore, there is absolutely no obligation to wait for the first heat phase.

Is it okay to have my cat neutered when it’s a kitten? When can he be neutered?

No. After your cat has been vaccinated (about 4-5 months old), it can be easily neutered. The idea of waiting for months for the sterilization process is an outdated belief that has no basis.

Will my cat not get fat after neutering?

After the sterilization procedure, she will be prone to gain weight due to the inevitable hormonal changes. As a solution, you need to change your cat’s eating habits and feed it with portion control and special foods. In addition, you should ensure that they run and play their favorite games by enriching the environmental conditions where they can easily throw their energy away. Of course, the most important issue is diet. Don’t let him eat comfortably anymore.

If I neuter my male cat, will he stop going away from the house?

It’s really hard to keep an unneutered male cat at home. In general, neutering a male cat will not eliminate but lessen his urge to roam. In addition, male sterilization will reduce the risk of transmission of the FIV virus, because the wounds he received in fights with other cats outside are a major factor in the transmission of this virus.

My cat is constantly peeing all over the house. If I have it spayed will it stop it?

Yes like many neutered cats he will most likely cut it out. It is certain that the urination instinct decreases hormonally after sterilization. Neutering is the best choice to get rid of this habit. If he still continues to pee, be sure to consult your veterinarian, this is a sedation behavioral disorder. It could be a health problem as well.

Does neutering my cat protect it from future diseases?

You will reduce your cat’s chances of getting breast cancer. There are many unneutered cats who come to our clinic with pyometra disease. We see that they are finding it hard to survive.

By preventing testicular diseases for male cats and uterine diseases for females, you will ensure that neutered cats live longer and happier.

Answer on Request:

Is Neutering a Cat/Dog a Sin or Permissible?

The fatwa of the Diyanet is as follows.

Like humans, all animals have the right to reproduce. It is not appropriate to prevent the food and drink needs of animals and it is not appropriate to eliminate their reproductive characteristics. It is not permissible to sterilize animals unless there is a necessary and legitimate reason.

However, for necessary and legitimate reasons; In the interest of the society, the use of drugs and similar things that prevent the pregnancy of pet animals, and on the condition that the ecological balance has not disturbed, cats, dogs, etc. There is no religious objection in controlling the reproduction of stray animals by sterilizing them (al-Fetava’l-Hindiyya, V, 437).

It is also permissible to sterilize some animals such as calves and goats in order to ensure that they can benefit greatly from the workforce, generation breeding and meat productivity (Merğînânî, al-Hidaye, VII, 234; Ibn Maze, al-Muhît, V, 375, 376).

Source: Is it permissible to sterilize animals?

As the Diyanet clearly states, there is no harm in sterilizing animals on the basis of not disturbing the ecological balance and for the benefit of animals. For example, it would not be right to neuter a stray dog that is resistant to difficulties unless there is a situation contrary to the interest of the society (such as excessive increase in its population). However, since there is a high risk of cancer and other deadly diseases for a pet cat or dog, which will be impossible to survive when released, sterilization is not a sin for the benefit of it. On the contrary, it is a useful process.

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